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“It’s important as a motivational speaker, presenter, or an MC to lead your audience into the moods and attitudes that you create.”

Joshua Roy – Motivational Speaker – Access World Seminars – Brisbane

Creating the mood and atmosphere for a function begins well before the event.  Preparation is very important and begins long before walking to the microphone.  Our Inspirational Speakers based in Brisbane, know how important it is for the audience to enjoy the event that they are paying for. We make sure adequate preparation goes into each seminar and presentation.  Entertainment has never been so easy to find in music, film, live shows and YouTube.  An ordinary event will hardly raise an eyebrow.  You will need an experienced and proficient individual to take your event, and make it something EXTRAORDINARY.

  Access World Seminar’s events are high energy and massively motivational and inspirational for everyone involved!  If you’re ready to change your life in a huge way, you’ve found the right place!  Access World Seminars in Brisbane have exceptional Motivational Speakers and MC’s ready for your next event! Our commitment to you is to create an atmosphere for your event, such that it will be a night to always remember.

  If you’re after an amazing Master of Ceremonies (MC) presenter around the Brisbane area, Joshua Roy is our suggestion.  If you want a high energy boost in your life, check out our upcoming Motivational Seminars and book into the next available slot.  Don’t wait any longer to get your life in order! Rocket your life into success at an amazing pace!

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Joshua Roy - Motivational Speaker - Access World Seminars - Brisbane

Joshua Roy

Motivational Speaker – Master of Ceremonies – Life Coach –
Memory Coach – Personal Trainer
 Katharine Case Relationship Adviser Access World Seminars Brisbane

Katharine Case

Possibilities Specialist – Love and Connection Adviser

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